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Professional Assistance For Business Immigration

If your business needs to obtain staff via the immigration process, you may quickly determine that the process is far from easy. Immigration law is very technical and volatile. Statutory and regulatory changes can occur abruptly, and there are strict quotas for certain types of visas.  Mistakes and timing can be costly in terms of delay or loss of opportunity.

At Reynolds Immigration PLLC, I can help your business with every step of this process, from providing initial counsel and guidance to submitting the documents or representing your matter before all levels of immigration adjudications.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience

I have worked in the Washington D.C. area for more than 25 years, assisting individuals and businesses with a wide range of immigration matters. Business immigration, in particular, can be especially complex. I provide knowledgeable and cost-effective guidance and representation. I’m sensitive to the cost and of the ultimate goals of hiring the workers you need for your business to succeed.

Numerous Categories For Business Immigration

An  H1-B is a very popular form of business immigration visa. These are meant for professionals and specialty workers such as specialty occupations like university professors, scientific researchers, programmers and professional models.

There are quotas for these visas and competition can be intense. I can help you determine the availability for your particular business needs and recommend potential options for achieving your business’s employment needs.

Other Temporary Worker Classifications

  • Business executives (L-1A)
  • TN nonimmigrant
  • Athletes (P-1A)
  • Artists and entertainers (O-1)
  • Professional visas (H-1B)

Permanent Worker Visa Classifications

  • EB-1: First preference. This category is reserved for persons of extraordinary ability in a range of academic, business and artistic fields.
  • EB-2 -Second preference.
  • EB-3 -Third Preference.

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