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Help For Family-Based Immigration

Reuniting with other family members is an important goal for many immigrants in the U.S. Family-sponsored immigration can seem straightforward.  However, before sponsoring a family member or immigrating to the U.S. one must understand when visas are available, if there are any impediments to immigrating, or if a waiver is required.

At Reynolds Immigration PLLC, I provide the experienced representation you need when dealing with these often difficult issues. I have more than two decades of experience working with the full spectrum of immigration matters, and I provide informed guidance for these complex cases.

Categories Of Family-Based Immigration

The United States requires citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs) to sponsor their family members who are applying for a green card. This includes immediate relatives such as minor children, spouses and parents.

A frequent question is “How long will the process take?” Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, as the category of the sponsored person and where they are immigrating from, all influence the time required.

This can be a complicated process but I have the experience and understanding of these matters. I can explain the process in a straightforward manner, and help you develop realistic expectations. Every case is different so rest assured I will take that into consideration before explaining next steps and timelines.

My goal is to have the immigration application process get done correctly, efficiently and with the best chance of success.  I can also assist persons who have filed a case already and are facing difficulties with the process or their case.  Experience matters.

Other Types Of Family-Based Immigration

I also assist in other family-related immigration matters. If you need help with adjustment of status or consular processing, I am here for you. Perhaps you or your family member needs a waiver or advice for an interview.  No matter where you are in the process, I can guide you in the right direction throughout this journey.

Throughout the process, from deciding on a strategy to a final interview, I make sure to take the time to answer all your questions and prepare you for the best outcome. I want to make sure my clients understand their options and make the best decisions based on their needs. This approach gives your case the best chance to succeed.

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